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About the Network

The HR Innovation Network – Asia (HRIN-Asia) is a peer network for senior HR leaders who are responsible for operations in ASIA. HRIN-Asia focuses on the needs and development of Senior HR professionals, particularly those responsible for developing local/global talent and building the organizational capabilities necessary to succeed in a fast-paced, dynamic, and high growth environment. HRIN-Asia affords the opportunity to advance new thinking and solutions in a trusted forum with peers. Its mission is to stimulate the sharing of best practices and real -time business intelligence to promote organizational success.

Network Focus


New approaches to Talent Management and Leadership Development


Developing Asian Global Leaders


Economic Trends in Asia and HR Impact


Working Effectively in Emerging Markets


Dissolve the conundrum of reducing cost per hire while raising value of hire


HR Transformation – a new paradigm for doing business in Asia


Developing Growth Cultures


Managing Global and Local Issues and Strategies


Leadership Mosaics- understanding regional profiles

Member Benefits

Two in-person meetings per year (private, confidential, vendor-free, member-driven forums)

Virtual/digital interactions (e.g., small group “huddles”) focused on key initiatives

Curated on-demand access to network knowledge and insights via your Network Director

24/7 access to network connections and content via ENgage App. Find out more

Member Insights Library (succinct summaries of leading-edge practices and ideas)

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