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About the Network

The Innovation Radar Network— Performance Enablement (IRN-PE) is a network for senior leaders from global companies working collaboratively to explore, define and pilot test provocative new approaches to performance management in today’s fast-changing, complex global environment.

The IRN-PE focuses on the business imperative of understanding the future drivers facing organizations and is designed to provide senior Talent, OD, Compensation, Learning, Executive/Leadership Development, HR Business Partner and High-Potential Business Leaders with the capabilities and tools they need to build and sustain innovative, high performance organizations.

The IRN-PE brings together a dozen plus company teams of 2 members (i.e., “Action Learning Teams”), seasoned team facilitators and thought leaders to work together in an interactive, intensive immersion focused on advancing the state of the art. The result is a rich and expansive exploration, examination and recommendation of differentiating and diverse solutions respectful of unique contexts, experiences and perspectives.

The IRN-PM combines three proven transformational elements:

a high quality “objective-based” peer network

a structured ideation/innovation process

a pilot testing/experimentation/lab environment

Network Focus


The business case for having a PM process (PMP) in your organization


How to “right fit” the PMP to the changing business objectives in your organization


If an organization decides to change its PMP, what change management road to take


Whether your current PMP achieves the designed impact on business or not


The alignment between PMP and other talent processes in your organization (Learning, Compensation, Succession, HiPo development, etc.)


New developments in PMP design and its emerging and ever diversifying options


Stakeholder management in the PMP redesign initiative

Members and Organizational Benefits

The IRN-PM is designed to benefit members and their organizations in two critical ways:


Provide strategic direction and insights for addressing business innovation challenges and for shifting how your organization approaches these challenges


Producing tangible takeaways, new practical models, tools, assessments, and resources for participants to use and integrate into their organizations’ innovation/growth agendas and processes

Member Benefits

Two in-person meetings per year (private, confidential, vendor-free, member-driven forums)

Virtual/digital interactions (e.g., small group “huddles”) focused on key initiatives

Curated on-demand access to network knowledge and insights via your Network Director

24/7 access to network connections and content via ENgage App. Find out more

Member Insights Library (succinct summaries of leading-edge practices and ideas)

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