Organisational Change Effectiveness & Agility Network

About the Network

The Organisational Change Effectiveness & Agility Network (OCEAN) primary focus is to define Organisational Development as a strategic capability and to enhance the transformational capability of the VP or SVP level practitioners of OD/OE functions in large complex Organisations.

OCEAN’s mission is to stimulate the sharing of best/next practices, real-time business intelligence and knowledge to promote extraordinary organizational achievement. OCEAN provides members with a forum for trusted and confidential exchange with their true peers. It also delivers access to divergent thinking, practical advice and “early warning” on key trends.

Members of the network will join a select group of approximately 40 of the world’s top OD & OE practitioners who share a common ambition: to take their organizations to a new level of agility, innovation, cultural & behaviour change, growth and bottom-line results.

Network Focus

Organisational Effectiveness

Organisational Design
Performance Management
Competency Capability Development
Process Simplification

Change, Agility, Resilience

Change Methodologies Frameworks
Change, Resilience
Influence role modeling

Cultural Development

Future of Work
Corporate Values Behaviors
Leadership Development
Diversity Inclusion

Organisational Health, Analytics

Future Learning Models
Knowledge Management
Big Data
Predictive Analytics

Member Benefits

Two in-person meetings per year (private, confidential, vendor-free, member-driven forums)

Virtual/digital interactions (e.g., small group “huddles”) focused on key initiatives

Curated on-demand access to network knowledge and insights via your Network Director

24/7 access to network connections and content via ENgage App. Find out more

Member Insights Library (succinct summaries of leading-edge practices and ideas)

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